Summer 2020

MLD 2024 Seniors Summer Photoshoot

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Every summer MLD has a few photoshoots in which ladies from all over Metro Detroit get the opportunity to take part in the MLD Experience. These lovely ladies that you will see, joined us for our summer shoot for 2024 Seniors. We are so excited to share their images from the shoot. MLD is a South Lyon based photography company specializing in high school senior photography. When you allow MLD to capture your images, you become part of the MLD Family. Students from all over the Metro Detroit area have become part of our family and we would love to welcome you to the family. Check out MLD Seniors for more information on how you can become part of the MLD Family.


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The MLD Experience

Check out the MLD Experience is this video highlighting what you can expect when partnering with MLD.

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MLD is a South Lyon, MI based high school senior photography company, serving the Greater Metro Detroit area. At MLD, we specialize in custom wall art and are focused on enhancing and capturing your seniors' final year of high school through photography. We love to have fun and make their photography experience one they'll never forget.


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